Sunday, May 3, 2015

Swagbucks - A Way to Earn Extra Cash

If you are a couponer and you are not using Swagbucks....well then you are not getting the best deals you can get out there.  Swagbucks is a point system that you can earn by possibly doing what you already do.  The points never expire and you redeem the points for gift cards, charities, paypal so you can then transfer directly into your bank or use your points to be entered into different types of sweepstakes.  Now let's talk about the benefits.

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Bonuses  Everyday you have a daily goal of Swagbucks to collect.  There are 2 ranks per day.  When you accomplish the goals, you receive bonus Swagbucks per goal you reach.  There are weekly bonuses when you reach your goal everyday for 7 days and so on.  You can receive up to 300 bonus Swagbucks per month just by meeting your daily goals!  Now let's talk about how to earn Swagbucks!

Searching  Do you search the web?  Of course you do.  We all do.  Swagbucks has a search engine and every time you use their search engine to look you have a chance to win free Swagbucks just by searching like you would on google!

Coupons  Do you print coupons from  Let me tell you a little secret.  Swagbucks has the same coupons you would find on (with some variation here or there).  The same printing rules apply with all printing sites.  You can print 2 coupons per device.  If you have multiple devises, you can print more than 2 coupons and use your Swagbucks account for all that you print.  So, why would you want to print from Swagbucks?  Well, they give you 10 Swagbucks per coupon you redeem at the store.  You do nothing different than you would with any other coupons you print.  It will take up to 6 weeks for your points to initially show up.  However, if you are an avid couponer and print often and shop often, once the points show up, you will see them show up all the time!  These Swagbucks count towards your daily goal as well on the day they show up in your account.  It is like 2 bonuses in 1!

Survey's  Do you take surveys for money?  Well Swagbucks has their own survey section as well.  There are HUNDREDS to choose from.  Some are just worth Swagbucks, others are from outside services that will earn you Swagbucks and possibly pay you for your time.  Just a great way to earn more.  Some survey's are quick and easy and some are time consuming.  For me personally, I feel it comes in waves.  I will go a week or two checking out surveys to see if I qualify and it seems I never do.  Then all of a sudden I am qualifying for so many and earning so much!  So, be patient with the surveys.  They are a hit or miss depending on who they need for them at the time.

Shopping  Do you use online sites to shop, check your credit score and more?  Well check on Swagbucks first to see if they are linked.  If they are, you can try products and cancel, you can buy products and more.  With each purchase or trial there will be some sort of Swagbucks you will receive upon completion.  Some is instant and some will take a little time to show up on your account.  If you use Amazon, Groupon, and MORE, there is a whole section of stores you shop online and just link through Swagbucks and you can earn PER DOLLAR you spend.  This is just shopping like you normally do.

Watching Videos  Earn more Swagbucks simply by watching short videos.  Pass the time away while you are waiting on an oil change or flight and earn Swagbucks.  It is just that easy!

Play Games  Do you play games online?  Slot machines and other fun games?  There is a whole bunch of games to help your day go by that are free.  While you play them, you have the chance of winning more Swagbucks just for playing.

Referrals  You earn points by telling your friends and family about Swagbucks.  You are given an unique link that will give you points when they sign up under your referral link!

Swagbucks Blog  There are always different challenges going on, chance to share your Swagbuck story and other things which could earn you Swagbucks.  Random Swagbuck user winners EVERY HOUR.  All you need to do is check the blog hourly and redeem your Swagbucks.

The ways of earning are limitless.  I use my yearly points for Christmas.  I save up my points and redeem them for Amazon and Walmart Gift cards as well as Paypal so I can cash it out and shop on Black Friday!

If you are not a part of the Swagbucks family, now is the time to join!  Oh yeah.....of course it is FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Awesome Motivation!

Long story long….I am not sure I know how to make a story short….ha ha  
I did my first wrap almost a week ago.  I have only done one so far.  I saw a change.  It was not a huge change, but it was a change that made me remember I want to be healthier and in shape for me and for my boys.  So, I have cut out all but 1 soda a day and last night I did my first workout in a while.  I am of course sore today, but I am pumped to workout again tonight.  

Another reason, my man.  I let him know I did my work out and when he came home last night, he was like “Damn Babe, you look good!”  I was said, “Honey, I appreciate the compliment, but I have only done one workout.” He then said, “No, ever since you did that wrap, you can tell your stomach is firmer and you just look so good.”  Of course that just made me even more motivated!

We are our own worst critics, at least I am for me.  I can tell I look better than before the wrap, but I can still only see the “problem” areas and want to get that taken care of ASAP.  

I have decided for now, I will just be working out, drinking lots of water, take my ItWorks Greens and Its Vital to get me all my vitamins and energy I need.  In a few weeks when I feel I have done more work on ME, I will do another wrap with defining gel to show off MY hard work with eating better, working out regularly and ItWorks!

If you want to join me on this amazing journey, let me know!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

My 1st Personal Results

So I finally tried the wrap. I opened it up, placed it on my belly and I used 2 standard ace bandages to secure the wrap. Then I put on a long sports bra to cover and keep in place even more.  I set a timer for an hour (I decided to do a whopping 15 extra minutes, some people sleep in them) and went on with my routine.  I felt it tingle and I was digging the scent.  It was cool, minty and soothing.  There was no burning or discoloring to my skin.  

I did find the wrap to be a little difficult to put on, however, I am very uncoordinated with new things :)  I had taken measurements, but I do not think I know what I am doing. I did not find any actual inches lost, but as you see in my before and after pictures, there is a difference.

With good eating habits, maintaining my routine workout, these wraps are lasting!

More results to come.

Contact me with questions or to jump on board.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Looking for It Works Testers

Have you heard about all the amazing It Works line?  Are you on the fence?  Here is the perfect time to take that leap and be a tester of any of our products for 90 days at 40% off.

We have an array of products from the most famously known Crazy Wraps to facials, hair and nail growth, supplements, Greens, protein bars, energy drinks and more!

I am looking for 2 people willing to try 1 product or more a month for 3 months.  I would need you to take before and after pictures of anything areas you are working on.  You can change out the product(s) monthly if you want.  I would like your honest option of the product(s) you try.  

I believe in those 90 days you will feel better, have more energy, look better and make a permanent change in yourself and your health.

These are not get skinny quick products.  They are natural product to help your get healthy and stay healthy.  Nothing works without work.  It Works products are just there to help make it easier to stay motivated, feel better and look your best YOU!

Message me on my Facebook Page It Works With Angela  or you can email me directly at

Should you choose to be a tester, I will throw in a free wrap from me!

Being a family affected with Autism, I choose to always donate 10% of my commissions towards Autism for my son and all the other 1 in 68 affected by Autism.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Yep, you read that right!  I am giving away a 1 FREE Ultimate Wrap to 2 people!!!

I am looking for 2 people who would be willing to try our It Works products, any product, for 90 days. If it's weight loss, toning/tightening and firming, hair growth, getting rid of lines and wrinkles, etc. I will help with your personal goals. PM me for information! As a bonus, I will throw in 1 free Ultimate Wrap for FREE!!!! Remember 10% of all proceeds will be donated towards Autism.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Why I Work So Hard

Whether you are new to my blog or you are a follower, I thank you for reading and following my journey.

I originally started this to let anyone out there know they were not alone and they did not have to be a victim.  I have slacked on that, not because I have not wanted to help, more-so because I became a mother of 2 wonderful boys, one on the spectrum and still adjusting to autism and the life of being a single mom.  I know I will venture back to my past to help those in similar situations.  However, currently for my family, I need to focus on the now and the future.

I have a lot of support via email and Facebook as a single mom.  Personally and physically...not so much, as I am sure many of you experience.  I live out of state from the majority of my family, my ex left to our homes state and does not help out with our boys financially or with any of our son's services.  Yet he wants to stay in their lives via Skype.  It is what it is and I will write more on that journey I am sure.  But like many of you I struggle with finances and making ends meet.  I have asked for help but I hate asking for help.  I have always been a helper and I am sure because of that it is why it is that much harder to ask,

So, instead of asking (unless I absolutely have to), I do what I can.  I work full time at an amazing job which come July will be my 10 year anniversary.  I look for any jobs I possibly can do for odesk, I look at other work from home part time job options.  With it just being myself and my two boys, having a part time job away from home is next to impossible.  I sell things I no longer need at all as well as donate.  I am an extreme couponer in which I have taught many on how to save money.  Now, I am an It Works Rep.  I am confident in their product which is why I chose to be a distributor.

I do all I can for my boys.  I taking any classes I can to be more educated about Autism for my son and others affected.  I try to help other families learning.  I volunteer with the Autism Society of Colorado.  There is not much of a free moment in my life, bit I would not change a thing.

I know it will all work out.  I know I will always find a way to provide for my boys.  For them I do all I can to make all our lives better!

Monday, April 13, 2015

It Works!

So if you read my Struggling blog, then you know I am doing all I can to bring in extra money.  I am still working hard at my full time job which I LOVE.  It will be 10 years in July.  WOW how time flies!  Looking for small jobs on oDesk, working on an ebook and selling all I do not need while donating in the process of cleaning house!  Constantly advocating for my son and Autism.  The walk is just 2 months away!  I could not be more excited.

With all that being said, I choose to look into another line of income.  A line I never wanted to venture down.  Being a distributor of anything.  However, when you are a single mother doing all you can to make ends meet, you look into all your skills and options.  I knew I did not want to do something in the line of makeup as I do not wear makeup with the exception of a handful or two a year.  I did not want to do Jamberry, Pampered Chef or anything in that area as I do not have the extra time for parties and the physical commitment that entails those lines.  After much research, talking with real friends of mine who have used the It Works product, I decided to take my chances.  

I am now an It Works distributor.  They are best known for those Crazy Wraps.  However, there are so many other natural products all devoted to a natural healthy living lifestyle.  This is not a get skinny quick product.  The wraps are made with natural ingredients.  With healthy eating and maintaining your normal workout routine, these wraps can help tighten and firm for a lasting result.

Like many struggling with weight loss, over eating is a huge contributing factor.  It Works carries all natural supplements to help subside the constant hunger pains so you are eating less portions and less often.  

Those are just a few of the items.  As I try more and hear from more and more people, I will let you know the perks of these amazing products.

Should you have questions or if you are interested in trying the 90 day challenge, please contact me the many different ways: FaceBook Page, It Works or on my blog.

As most of you know, Autism affects my family and the current numbers are 1 in every 68 people in the US are affected by autism.  10% of ALL my proceeds will always be donated towards Autism.  We can all make a difference!